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Daily Archives: February 27, 2017

I Dress My Toddler Girl from the “Boys” Section

Before Mac was born, we purposely didn’t find out whether she was a girl or a boy. I love surprises and Andrew was nice enough to go along for the ride. I found it interesting how annoyed people got by the fact that we didn’t find out. I kept hearing complaints about how that made it soooo hard for them to shop for the baby because how would they know whether to buy pink stuff or blue stuff. Of course once Mac was born, we were given plenty of girly, frilly things for her to wear, but we continued to do most of our shopping from the “boys” section. Read on to find out why we don’t limit her to only girls clothing.

Now, I have nothing against my daughter wearing a tutu, but when my husband and I do the clothes shopping, we shop almost exclusively from the "boys" section. Why is that? Well we have several good reasons for dressing our toddler from the "boys" section. Read about them at