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Daily Archives: March 13, 2017

Putting Together a Non-Religious Easter Basket

Right now, Andrew and I have agreed to raise our children in a non-religious way until they are old enough to make a decision about their own religious beliefs. That means for some holidays, we search for non-religious ways to celebrate. Christmas is pretty easy. Christmas trees, Santa, and gift-giving are all non-religious. But Easter has been a bit different.

Mac is old enough now to start understanding and celebrating holidays so I wanted to do something to mark Easter since there are aspects that are non-religious. (The Easter bunny, dying eggs, Easter baskets etc.) Once I saw that I See Me! has a selection of personalized Easter books, I knew that was the start of Mac’s Easter basket. (P.S. you can order a personalized Easter book for your little bunny too. They have guaranteed delivery by Easter as long as you order before 4/9!)

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