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Hey Everyone! I’m Mikki

Yes, that is my real name. No, it is not short for anything. Yes, I have a strange enough personality to match my name.

Now, I could sit and tell you stories all day about my quirky life, but lets get down to why you are really here: you want the run-down on my family. I get it. I totally click on the “about me” link on blogs so I can learn all of the pertinent details without having to do too much snooping. So here goes.

I’m Mikki. I grew up in a smallish town in Minnesota where the rest of my crazy family still lives. Sometimes I dream about living in a small town again as I gaze out the window of my suburban townhouse at the freeway. But I feel like I’ve mostly found my way in life. I work at a Montessori school as an assistant. After 4 years in the toddler room, I’ve now moved up to the primary level with 3-6 year olds.

Andrew is the city boy to my small town girl. He was raised a cake eater in a nice suburb and had never been to a good ole county fair until he met me. He is the nerd half of our partnership and has maintained that his computer is one of the things he’d save if our house caught on fire (after me, the toddler and the dog of course.) Andrew does IT support for a small business and pretty recently started joining me on the Quirky Parenting podcast (which you can also find by searching Quirky Parenting in the iTunes store.)

Mac is (almost) 2 years old and is all of a sudden not a baby anymore. She has an endless supply of energy and is the most strong-willed child of all time. Let me just say, as much as I love a strong-willed female, she sure can be difficult to parent. Mac loves to climb and has zero fear. Somehow, two introverts are raising an extrovert. Thank goodness she was able to start in the toddler room at my school last fall. She gets her fill of social interactions there.

Ralph is our 4 year old cockapoo puppy. He thinks he is alternately the baby of the family and the security system. He loves cuddles and is starting to love Mac, especially because she keeps his food dish topped up with kibble.

I originally started the blog as a creative outlet and to give my family updates on Mac and the rest of the family. Then, it started to take on a life of its own. There were tons of “unconventional” things I wanted to do as a parent that I couldn’t find any resources for online. So once I tried these things and they worked, I decided to write about them to help others looking for the same thing I had been.

I write about those unconventional things including:

I have also put together some great, non-toy gift guides for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary children, and everyone. 

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