Cloth Diapering 101

Andrew and I recorded a podcast all about our experience with cloth diapering and how cloth diapering has changed over time. It is just as convenient as disposibles, in our view. Give it a listen.

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  2. A Minimalist's Guide to Cloth Diaper Accessories - Quirky and the Nerd | 30th Dec 16

    […] I am working towards being a minimalist in my entire life. It might be a struggle, but I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to raising a child. There were plenty of things that were “must-haves” that we didn’t buy and haven’t missed. One thing we did accumulate, however, was cloth diapers. Now, I have been good and I don’t have a ginormous stash (although it is hard not to buy every single cute cloth diaper I find), but I have found three cloth diaper accessories that we couldn’t live without. One can even be used with disposable diapers too. (Make sure you take a listen to my cloth diapering 101 podcast.) […]

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    […] I have one thing (a holdover from our cloth diapering days) that saves me money and is easier than the old dunk and flush […]

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