Surviving Dinner Podcast


  1. Making Dinnertime Less Stressful for Everyone - Quirky and the Nerd | 30th Jan 17

    […] After the two weeks I had off for holiday break, I forgot how little time we actually have after work until Mac goes to bed. We get home, rush dinner onto the table, attempt to have some family time and then scoot off to bed. So how do you make those precious few hours together less stressful? Make sure you also listen to our podcast about surviving dinner time. […]

  2. What to Do when Your Toddler is a Picky Eater - Quirky and the Nerd | 30th Jan 17

    […] If you need some other tips to make dinnertime less stressful, read about how we have made dinnertime a fun part of the day. We also have a podcast about surviving and enjoying family dinner. […]

  3. Eating Together When You Don't Eat the Same Thing - Quirky and the Nerd | 30th Jan 17

    […] I think most people totally over think it. They think of dinners like meatloaf or pork chops and wonder what in the world we do. So I thought I would write a little about how an herbivore and a carnivore dine together in peace. Make sure you read about how we make dinnertime less stressful. You should also take a listen to our podcast about how we survive and enjoy family dinner. […]

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