A Minimalist’s Guide to Cloth Diaper Accessories

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I am working towards being a minimalist in my entire life. It might be a struggle, but I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to raising a child. There were plenty of things that were “must-haves” that we didn’t buy and haven’t missed. One thing we did accumulate, however, was cloth diapers. Now, I have been good and I don’t have a ginormous stash (although it is hard not to buy every single cute cloth diaper I find), but I have found three cloth diaper accessories that we couldn’t live without. One can even be used with disposable diapers too. (Make sure you take a listen to my cloth diapering 101 podcast.)

It is so easy to keep buying all of the cute cloth diapering accessories. But what are the accessories that you actually need? Read my minimalist's guide to cloth diaper accessories. quirkyandthenerd.com


Diaper Sprayer

My #1 thing that I tell everyone with cloth diapers is to get a diaper sprayer when baby starts eating solid foods. When they are only getting milk, you don’t have to clean the dirty diapers; you just throw the whole thing in the pail. It gets a bit different when baby starts eating solid foods. Long story short, a sprayer helps get all of the bits off of the diaper.

The sprayer we have is the Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer. It was super easy to install on our toilet and actually doesn’t look too bad either. It gets the job done. For real, it is my #1 in cloth diaper accessories. (Although we have ours installed in our guest bathroom and we have gotten plenty of jokes about a portable bidet.)

cloth diaper accessories rash cream name

Diaper Rash Cream

First, let me say that Mac has held true to the fact that cloth diapered babies don’t get as many rashes. She has only had a handful of rashes and they have all been very mild. But it is nice to have a diaper rash cream on hand for those few times. You can’t use just any cream because it can damage the cloth diapers. You need to have one specially formulated to use with cloth diapers.

cloth diaper accessories rash cream bag

We use Grovia Magic Stick All Natural Diaper Ointment. It comes in a roll on stick which is so much nicer than the goopy, messy cream you normally have to get all over your hands in order to put on baby. It comes in other forms, but I really love the stick as it is so easy to use.

It is also all natural, so I felt good putting it on Mac even when she was really young. It does seem to really help soothe any redness or irritation that might be there. Here Mac is reading it to give her stamp of approval.

cloth diaper accessories rash cream reading

Wet Bags

Okay, I don’t know if this counts as an accessory but since they aren’t actually diapers, I figure they are accessories. I would recommend two big wet bags for your diaper pail and maybe three or four small wet bags, depending on how often you go out with baby.

I have two large Kangacare Pail Liners, one in black and one in the Charlie print. Both of them have held up beautifully and still work just fine, despite being laundered so many times. The Kangacare Pail Liners both work great in our large diaper pail (which, by the way, is just a plastic garbage pail I bought at Target.)

Almost all of my small wet bags are second-hand. We have some older Fuzzibunz Zippered Totes that work great even though they have been used for goodness knows how long. I have found that even my Fuzzibunz Totes that have nonfunctional zippers still work great as long as I just roll up the bag instead of zipping it shut.

Was there anything you can’t live without while cloth diapering? What is my list missing? Let me know below.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you buy through my link, I may receive compensation at no extra cost to you. For more information, see my disclosure page here.

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