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This page contains a list of things I recommend. I’ll split them up into categories to make it easier to find. Pick a category to see some of my favorites.

  • My Favorite Montessori Materials
  • Kids Books I Love
  • Our Favorite Furniture
  • Toys for Montessori Kids
  • Great Art Supplies

My Favorite Montessori Materials:

Glass shot glasses to start drinking out of an open glass – This was the type of glass we started Mac with.

Double shot glasses – Mac soon graduated to these.

Juice glasses – This was the last step before she started to use our adult glasses.

Learning Tower – A learning tower will make it so much easier to have your child help you in the kitchen. Read all about the advantages in my post about the learning tower.

Child-sized table and chairs – It is great for a child to have a space where they can comfortably sit at to work and play.

Small Dustpan and Brush – Montessori children are encouraged to clean up after themselves. Having a small brush and dustpan will help with any messes they may make.

Small Squeegee – Montessori children seem to love the window washing work. Here is a small squeegee that would work perfectly for small hands.

Child’s Tool Set – I worked outside in the yard at school and the most popular work was hammering nails into wood. Here is a child-sized tool set with a great hammer.

Children’s Gardening Set – The other popular outside work was gardening, aka digging in the dirt. Here is a great set of gardening tools for children.

Child Sized Shovel – In the winter, shoveling snow is a popular outdoor activity for children.

Color Coded Measuring Cups and Spoons – Children love to help cook and these color coded measuring utensils will help children who can’t yet read the measurements.

Wavy Chopper – Even young children can cut fruits and vegetables if given the proper tools. This wavy chopper makes it easy for them to help.

Kids Books I Love:

What’s In There?: All About Before You Were Born – A great book talking about pregnancy and birth in an age appropriate way.

Our Favorite Furniture

Bedside Bassinet – Before our kids move to a floor bed, they sleep in this easy to set up bedside bassinet.

Clothes I Love

L-Bow Mittens – These are the only mittens I have found that toddlers will keep on. They extend past the elbow and are even made in an ambidextrous style to make it even easier to put on. Read the post I wrote about dressing children for winter weather.

Bogs Boots – These boots are amazing for children. They are high quality, warm, easy to put on and, best of all, they stay on. Plus, they come in lots of cute styles and colors!

Toys for Montessori Kids

Wooden Stacking Toy – Stacking toys are self-correcting. Young children love to take the rings off and put them back on again.

Wooden Block Set – Any kid will love a set of wooden blocks. The possibilities are endless!

Train Track Set – Wooden train tracks continue to be a favorite with every kid I know.

Duplo blocks – Before getting your child Legos, start out with the bigger Duplos. Many toddlers like to build towers with them.

Legos blocks – Legos are an awesome toy to get a Montessori kid. A large set means a child can make whatever their heart desires.

Shape Sorter – The first kind of puzzle that toddlers love are shape sorters. They have large pieces that are easy for toddlers to hold and help them work on their hand-eye coordination.

Simple Knob Puzzle – Toddlers will soon move up to very simple knob puzzles. This one has a cute picture with shapes to make it self-correcting.

Puzzles with Smaller Knobs – As kids get older, their fine motor skills will improve and they can start doing puzzles with smaller knobs. These puzzles have bright, vivid pictures of different sorts of animals to make them even better.

Small Jigsaw Puzzle – The last step before moving onto the big puzzles are smaller jigsaw puzzles like this delightful ocean scene.

Kids Cleaning Set – Now, Montessori children should be given things that are as realistic and lifelike as possible. That said, this cleaning set has a great, child-sized spray bottle along with a nice little scrub brush, squeegee, and sponge.

Tunnel – A fold-up tunnel is great for facilitating gross motor activities for toddlers. It folds up to store away and can be used in multiple different ways when it is popped up.

Fold-Up Scooter – A fold-up scooter is a great outlet for a toddlers energy and is especially nice to have in a smaller house like a townhouse or apartment since it folds up when not in use.

Great Art Supplies

Wikki Stix – Kids love to bend and twist these sticks into so many different shapes and the best part is that they are mess free!

Origami Set – I’ve known several older children who have gotten really into origami. This set shows how to make many fun animals and even has stickers to decorate them.

Large Sidewalk Chalk – Not only is it a great way to make art, but is also a gross motor activity.

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