Save Your Sanity During Toilet Training

The other day, I was commiserating with another toddler mom about the yucky underwear situation. Not to get too graphic, but the underwear that gets sent home a big mess and you either have to toss them out and buy new underwear all the time ($$$) or dunk and flush and dunk and flush and dunk and flush, hoping to get it clean enough to put in your washing machine without having to bleach the washer afterwards.

But I have one thing (a holdover from our cloth diapering days) that saves me money and is easier than the old dunk and flush routine.

Also, make sure you check out the one thing I was missing while toilet training. Once I figured it out and found something to help, it was smooth sailing.

There is one product that I recommend to absolutely every single mother who is toilet training their toddler. It will help save your sanity (and a lot of underwear!) Read about it at

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The Product All Toileting Parents Should Have

As I said, this product is a holdover from our cloth diapering days. See, once baby starts eating solids, their poop changes and you have to get it out of the diaper before washing it. The easiest way to do that is to get a diaper sprayer.

The diaper sprayer is super easy to install to your toilet and super easy to use. We mount it right next to the toilet and it provides a higher power spray that we are able to clean up even the worst messes. (Although let me just say, I’m all for throwing out those super nasty ones. I’m just saying this will help you save the majority of the underwear.)

The first time we put the diaper sprayer up, it was actually in the guest bathroom because it was the closest bathroom to the living area in our townhouse. But this time, it is in Mac’s bathroom (and took way less time to install this time.)

We have never had a problem with Mac spraying the sprayer. She is a little older, so we explained what it is for and that if she hits the button, it will spray her with cold water. So far, that has been enough of a deterrent for her. But if she sprays herself with it, it’ll just be another show of natural consequences.

Remember to check out how I solved the biggest toileting problem we were having and the product that totally helped. I’ve also written a helpful post about the power struggle I accidentally found myself in when it came to toileting. If you are struggling too, check it out!

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