Valentine’s Day Outfits for Kids

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Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday. One special day to express your love and appreciation for your loved ones? I’m all in! I also love when you can buy a cute little outfit for your child. I remember as a kid getting a new outfit for each holiday and it made it so much more special for me. And let me tell you, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day outfits for kids out there. I’m sharing a few of my favorites today. Make sure you scroll to the end for some more neutral ideas that will last after the holiday is over.

It is so fun to pick out a Valentine's Day outfit for kids. From over the top pink to a more neutral road, this post provides great options for every kid!

Valentine’s T-Shirts for Boys

I think we moms have to face the fact that in order for a Valentine’s shirt to be enticing for a boy, it can’t really be pink or full of hearts. Good thing there are plenty of adorable shirts out there that fit the bill!

Valentine’s Shirts for Girls

Now, for girls, Valentine’s Day shirts can be a bit more frilly and cutesy. They can have sequins, fluff, and big old hearts right across the chest.

Valentine’s Dresses

Maybe you have one of those girls who demands to wear a dress. I get it, my daughter loves to have something to twirl in sometimes. No fear, there are plenty of dresses out there for Valentine’s Day.

Girl’s Neutral Route

Okay, so maybe you want something a bit more subtle. You don’t want to buy an outfit that will only work for like one day. You want something that works for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Here are some adorable options for you.

Boy’s Neutral Route

Many boys will probably really appreciate if you buy them something a bit more neutral that they can wear often. Here are some things that work for Valentine’s Day and every day.

What are your kids going to wear for Valentine’s Day?

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